The Sayer-Kines Conflict

A short spat between houses Korem, Kines and Sayer which resulted in the effective end of all three minor Noble houses.

Rumors suggest that the conflict began when Hose Kines attempted to convince House Sayer to back their plans to disrupt House Korem for previous slights. Negotiations went poorly resulting in house Sayer taking over House Kines’ holding and imprionsiing them along with the daughter of the Lord of House Korem, the socialite Zaria Korem, a hostage that House Kines had apparently been keeping for years.

Upon House Korem’s rescue of Zaria from House Sayer, House Kines allied itself with House Korem to take revenge upon House Sayer. However the Alliance was short lived as Kines men turned on House Korem’s Guards, who have effectively just rescued them moments before, killing them before the rescue mission had been able to return to Korem’s estates.

Several days later Lord Korem’s daughter Zaria came to the Canton of Inquisition upon her own free will and informed the Ministry of a plot to abduct the family of a high ranking obligatory known to deal with Lord Sayer and use them as leverage to torture information out of the Obligator.

Ministry agents prevented the kidnapping of the obligator with Zaria’s forwarning and even managed to capture one of Lord Falcom Kines agents, a Skaa that Falcom had tortured and experimented on with forbidden dark arts in what was rumored to be some kind of underground Skaa breeding program. Despite capturing one of the agents, they were unable to recover Falcom or any of his other agents.

Both the obligators family and Zaria Korem disappeared after the Ministry apprehended Falcom Kines agent, the former being targeted by what survivors reported as “an attack by a dark haired female Mistborn” who is believed to be in the employ of Kines and the later being assumed to have been taken by the same individual.

Further interrogation of the captured agent revealed vast criminal activity on the part of Lord Sayer. The allegations were confirmed by interrogation of the Ministry Obligator who was the target of the scheme, Lord Sayer’s personal guard Orson Thrike, and the Steel Ministry’s independent investigation. During the investigation it was revealed that the missing wife of the Ministry Obligator was not only Skaa born, but that the obligator himself was fully aware of the ruse and perpetuated it upon the empire knowingly. This revelation awarded him with an execution. Lord Sayer himself the taken to the Conventical of Seran as punishment for his crimes

Lord Kines’ agent also incriminated Lord Korem in the wrong doings and he was thoroughly interrogated for months until it was revealed he was actually innocent of any major wrong doing. While he was released, his relatives poor management of his house cost Korem and it’s holding greatly.

Lord Falcom Kines was declared an outlaw to the Empire and a substantial reward was offered for information relating to his capture. Rumors report he was last observed by passage for himself and one companion on a ship to the Southern Isles. Since then no word of Falcom Kines, his agents, the ship he departed on or any of the crew that was aboard has been heard from. It is likely he perished at sea. If he still lives he can hope for nothing in the world of the Final Empire but a gruesome death as most regard him as a vicious and treacherous snake who turns on allies can cannot be trusted, and most would rather have a vast reward from the ministry than any thing else he can offer.

Likewise Lady Zaria Korem has not been found, there had been no reports of her appearance since she was released from the Canton of Inquisition Headquarters. Since her previous disappearance was the result of her being abducted and help prisoner by Lord Falcom Kines, it is likely that she too is dead.

The Original Scheme

House Kinds
Safety and Stability
House Koren
Sabotage and Subterfuge
What is your Goal?
Gaining Allies and Resources
What is your Method?
Wheeling and Dealing
What is Standing in your Way?
• Bad Reputation
• Other Merchants
What is your in?
House Sayer is having issues with House Koren
What do you have to work with?
• Stock pile of ore
• Business acumen,
• Bombs
• Assassination Skills
• Underworld Contacts
• Inside information on House Koren
• Fuze’s singleness
What don’t you know?
• Information about House Sayer
• House Koren’s Current Activity
• Activity of the Steel Ministry
• The up to date information about the courtly goings
What could go wrong?
• Sayer decides not to work with you or side with Koren
• Ministry could find out about Rook and Zane’s half-breed status
• House Koren could be tipped off about your rise
• Other merchants could try to shut you down
• Zar’s parentage could be revealed
• Could get scammed by the underground
• Rook could kill someone.
What comes next?
Toppling Lachlan Koren

The Sayer-Kines Conflict

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