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What makes heroes so special isn’t just their individual skill or magical powers, but the fact they can make a tangible difference in their world. In the Mistborn novels we see heroes rise above their humble beginnings as thieves, stewards, and disfavored sons to become ambassadors, religious figures, emperors, legendary heroes, and ultimately decide the fate of the entire world. This element of mattering — of not only having skill but the ability to change the circumstances around you — is called Standing.




A character’s three Standings — Influence, Resources, and Spirit — work very much like Attributes, though each is rated between 2 and 10 dice. These can be rolled in Challenges, Contests, and Conflicts as normal, and using Standings in this way doesn’t change the number of dice available.

Alternatively, a character may “spend” his or her Standings for the chance (a Challenge roll) to acquire various benefits during play: Influence may be spent to nurture political connections and request favors; Resources may be spent for physical goods and services; and Spirit may be spent for fresh chances when other avenues have been exhausted.

Specific examples of spending each Standing are provided in the following sections, and the Narrator and other players will likely come up with many more.

However, no matter what the character wants, there are two steps to spending a die of Standing:

1. The character rolls a Challenge with his current dice in the Standing (against the Difficulty listed in the following sections, along with any other rules listed there, or with a Difficulty and rules determined by the Narrator).

2. The score of the Standing used drops by 1, even if the Challenge fails.

Thus a character may only spend a Standing that’s 2 or higher before the Challenge is made. Remember, no roll is possible with less than two dice, and rolling a Challenge with a Standing of 2 drops that Standing low enough that it’s only contributing 1 die. Once a Standing drops to 1, the character is stymied on that front until the next Breather, when he or she can recoup.


Though the Narrator may sometimes replenish a single point of Standing under the right conditions (a point of Resources when the character receives a sudden and unexpected windfall, or a point of Influence when a powerful noble speaks highly of the character in public), the most common ways to recover are time and Breathers.

Characters naturally recover 1 of each Standing per day.

Additionally, during a Short Breather, a character recovers half of each spent Standing, rounded up. This occurs whether the character sits the Breather out or not.

In a Long Breather, a character recovers all spent Standings.

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