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Heroes are improved with Advancements, which you’ll periodically earn in play. These represent your Hero’s growing experience, and the “on the job training” he or she benefits from during adventures in the Final Empire. Some improvements are easy to make and require just a couple Advancements, while others are extremely difficult to obtain and can cost as many as twenty! With the Narrator’s permission, you can spend Advancements during Long Breathers to make various improvements to your character.

Earning Advancements

Advancements are always awarded by the Narrator. You can earn them for anything the Narrator identifies as critical to your Hero, the Crew, and your stories. Advancements can be earned by individuals or the whole Crew, depending on the circumstances.

Some of the most common things that may earn you Advancements include:

- Completing a scheme or achieving a personal goal
- Making a critical choice at a Turning Point in the game
- Revealing a powerful Secret
- Defeating a central Villain
- Fulfilling your character’s Destiny
- Overcoming your character’s Tragedy
- Grappling with one of your character’s Burdens
- Achieving something that is vital to the story or the Crew’s survival
- Staying in character
- Selflessly improving the quality of the game for everyone
- Being voted session MVP

Most of the time, you can expect to earn 1 to 3 Advancements per session

Advancements are tracked by checking the boxes marked advancement on your sheet for each point awarded to your character. You can have no more than 20 Advancements at a time.

Buying Advancement

You may only spend Advancements to improve your Hero during a Long Breather (which can cover a few days to several months, depending on the circumstances), or with the Narrator’s express permission, and you may only make one improvement to your Hero during each Breather, no matter how long the Breather lasts.

Improvement Cost Description
Change a Trait 2 Replace an existing Trait with a new one (of the same type if the old Trait is your Hero’s Drive, Profession, Specialty, Feature, or Personality)
Gain a new Stunt 4 (Allomancers and Kandra only) Add a Stunt to one of your Hero’s Powers
Gain a new Trait 4 Add a new Trait to your Hero
Increase one Attribute 5 Increase your Hero’s Physique, Charm, or Wits by 1 die (maximum 6 dice)
Increase one Standing 5 Increase your Hero’s Influence, Resources, or Spirit by 1 die (maximum 10 dice)
Recover from a Mortal Burden 6 Ease one Mortal Burden to Grave
Increase Power rating 6 (Allomancers, Feruchemists, and Kandra only) Increase your Hero’s Allomancy rating with 1 metal by 1 (maximum 10), or your Hero’s Feruchemy rating with 1 metal by 1 (maximum 10), or your Hero’s Mimicry rating by 1 (maximum 10)
Become a Misting savant 10 (Mistings with Allomancy rating 7+ only) Add the Savant ability for your Hero’s metal
Snap into a Misting 10 (Skaa / nobles without Powers only) Become a Misting with an Allomancy rating of 4 in one metal
Gain a new Blessing 15 (Kandra only) Add one additional Blessing your Hero does not already have
Become a Keeper 20 (Terris without Powers only) Become a Keeper with a Feruchemy rating of 2 in all metals
Snap into a Mistborn 20 (Skaa / nobles without Powers only) Become a Mistborn with an Allomancy rating of 3 in all metals

There may be other things that the Narrator may offer for you to gain as advancements

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