Skaldin (Skald)

Lurching Pirate

Drive: To get filthy rich
Profession: Sailor
Specialty: Good with knives
Feature: Catlike Agility
Personality: Cocky
Attributes Standings Resiliences
Physique: 6 Resources: 3 (0) Heath: 9/9
Charm: 3 Influence: 2 (0) Reputation: 5/5
Wits: 4 Spirit: 4 (0) Willpower: 8/8
Power Rating Charges Stunts
Iron 5 # Ironslide
Equipment: Effect Prop
Steel Dagger Touch Range; +1 Dmg Yes
Leather Armor Absorbs 1 physical dmg; no metal Yes
Iron Misting Vial Contains 3 charges of Iron Yes

Your Tragedy:
Lone survivor of a previous thieving crew

Your Destiny:
Become a Noble


Skaldin (Skald)

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