Leona Allstone

Mistborn Captian



Drive: Freedom
Profession: Captain
Specialty: Talking
Feature: Curvaceous Physique
Personality: Charismatic

Additional Traits


Attributes Standings Resilience
Physique: 3 Resources: 2 (-) Heath: 5/5
Charm: 5 Influence: 3 (-) Reputation: 8/8
Wits: 3 Spirit: 4 (-) Willpower: 7/7


Type Power Rating Charges Stunts
Allo All Metal 4


Equipment: Effect Prop
Mistborn Vials x2 Contains 1 charge of each 8 base metals x
Mistcloak Symbol of Mistborn; Helps conceals oneself in the mist
Obsidian Dagger Touch Range; +1 Dmg; No metal
Barge may carry fifty men or five tons of cargo
Spyglass Aids Vision of great distances
Chest w/ Lock Securely store items

Your Tragedy:
Parents were murdered by my grandparents

Your Destiny:
Own my own island


Leona Allstone

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