Bastard Mistborn Warrior

Drive: Destroy her father’s House
Profession: Bodyguard
Specialty: Seasoned Sailor
Feature: Tiny Frame
Personality: Compassionate
Attributes Standings Resiliences
Physique: 4 Resources: 4 (4) Heath: 8/8
Charm: 5 Influence: 2 (2) Reputation: 7/7
Wits: 2 Spirit: 3 (3) Willpower: 5/5
Type Power Rating Charges Stunts
Allo All Metals 4 0 -——
Equipment: Effect Prop
Mistborn Vial X2 X
Obsidian Dagger X
Mistcloak X

Your Tragedy:
Des’ lost of freedom when she was beaten into Snapping, securing her life as her father’s bodyguard

Your Destiny:
To be the Pirate Queen of the Southern Isles



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